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You know what?
I've been active on here for long enough.
Lets try aiming for a premium membership! :D
...You may also get a small thank you gift if you donate.......

Also, you can donate here for commission payments :aww:

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United Kingdom
Visit me on Tumblr!

Or on FurGather! (Though I barely use this; its currently a very new website)

Stamp. by Trynnie

When I say that I want a critique (since i am not a premium member) i want a CRITIQUE! Not praise, even though that is nice, or negative comments. Those are not helpful to me!

Thank You... by jennyleigh

I enjoy writing and drawing alike

Day 29 Fan Art, Crunky by LadyDeven

Main Fandoms:
One Piece

romantic quadrants don't exist in other fandoms? by Miyazaki-A2 Quadrants by SkaianAngel Mhm by windwakers Vriska Trick by MeanWhatuSay STAMP: Vriska patron by lucas420
RWBY Stamp by MewGiX3 :thumb491937485:
Monkey D Luffy - More Than Anime Character by renealexa
Sherlock - 21st century by 1stClassStamps Sherlocked by darkestmelody

Esprit icon by KarmaDash
This is an icon of Esprit, my fursona ^.^
Made by KarmaDash
Requested for me by sharky156

Current icon Art Trade : LazuliLupin by Misty-Mutt made by Misty-Mutt :D

Comment Stamp by Poiizu .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot Make Sense Please Stamp by In-The-Zone

Pentagram meaning - Stamp - by Gewalgon .Stamp. This Stamp by KillMePleaseGod Your hate is pointless. by HarmonicSonic

I need more sleep by prosaix OC Pairings - Stamp by Astanine Forever lazy by prosaix
Note Stamp by SoVeryUnofficial Request - Above stereotypes by HarmonicSonic :thumb347948812:

Journal History


Art Trade - Ghost's OC by LazuliLupin
Art Trade - Ghost's OC
Only one with permission to use this is basilbub 

It took me aaaages to get this done, mostly due to having lost my tablet pen for ages >.>
Sorry Ghost!!
I really was going to do this, see!

I was going to try for something with an arm, but my sketch came out terrible, so have a background instead XD

Ghost's half of the trade:

Character © basilbub 
Art © Me
Here I now have a set of much simpler and easier to read commission list. Hopefully I won't need to change this unless my prices do!

Examples to be added later!

Exchanges are as follows:
1:points: = 1 Ovipets credit = 500 Flight Rising Treasure
GBP are not exchangeable with these; those prices have no correlation and are separate. 

I am accepting any of these or Paypal.

Tribal Tattoo designs
Want your OC as a tribal tattoo? Want a small tribal tattoo pattern? Well, you want one of these. These are not very large, probably around 5cm in diameter when I draw them on paper. You can request for there to be colour added, or for it to be black and white; it will be the same price.

  • Tribal Tattoos 30:points:/£2

The smallest I will do is the dimensions of a regular Deviant Art icon and the largest size being 256px, so tell me the size that you want.
Size limits on each will be from the smallest side size to the largest side size
Unfortunately, I can't do pixel art right now, so none of my icons will be that.
Also, my animation skills are not as good as some, so they will be very very simple.

  • Small (50px to 115px) 30:points:/£2
  • + Light shading 5:points:/£0.50

    + Light animation 5:points:/£0.50

  • Medium (116px to 180px) 35:points:/£2.50
  • + Light shading 5:points:/£0.50

    + Light animation 5:points:/£0.50

  • Large (181px to 256px) 40:points:/£3
  • + Light shading 5:points:/£0.50

    + Light animation 5:points:/£0.50

Regular art:
Main focus of image counts as a character.
An image of a car with two cats sleeping on the bonnet will be the price of one character for the car. (Focus on car)
An image of two cats sleeping on a car bonnet will be the price of two characters. (Focus on cats)

  • Headshot
  • - Sketch (tradish + shading) 45:points:/£3.50

    - Flat colour 40:points:/£3

    - Basic shading (cell) 50:points:/£4

    - Complex shading (regular) 60:points:/£5

  • 3/4 body
  • - Sketch (tradish + shading) 55:points:/£4.50

    - Flat colour 50:points:/£4

    - Basic shading (cell) 60:points:/£5

    - Complex Shading (regular) 70:points:/£6

  • Full body
  • - Sketch (tradish + shading) 65:points:/£5.50

    - Flat colour 60:points:/£5

    - Basic shading (cell) 70:points:/£6

    - Complex shading (regular) 80:points:/£7

  • Per extra char 30:points:/£2
  • Complexity (I will judge) 20:points:/£1
  • Backgrounds
  • - None -Free

    - Simple 10:points:/£1

    - Complex 20:points:/£2

Reference Sheets:
These will always have at least flat colour and will always include 'Name', 'Age' or 'Birthday', 'Gender', 'Height' and 'Weight'. Any others, such as 'Species' or any other simple categories will need to be requested. Will not do 'History', 'Personality' or 'Biography' for this - this requires additional text. Don't worry, I have a sheet for you to fill in.
These do not have to be only for characters, they can be for anything that needs a reference sheet.
One character/object per sheet.
Always done digitally and always with a transparent background, unless other solid background colour requested.
You can request for there to be additional text on these, which would be explanations to markings, parts of personality, history, etc.

It is required that I keep in contact with you throughout making this. It is your character, so a large amount of precision is needed.

  • Small (very simple design and few extra images) 100:points:/£8
  • Medium (mid complexity design) 120:points:/£9
  • Large (very complex design) 140:points:/£10

  • Cell shading 10:points:/£1
  • Regular shading 20:points:/£2

Art Trades

With these, I expect an equal trade.
I will accept things that are worth the same price as what I am doing on my end of the trade from your prices.
I will also accept things that are similar to what I am doing; digital for a digital, sketch for a sketch, etc. This includes level of detail in it and such.
I will not do reference sheets in art trades.


Free art is reserved for my close friends only.
If you need to ask if you are or not, then I think you know the answer.
Super Stitch! by LazuliLupin
Super Stitch!

So, I got bored the other day and decided to draw Stitch from the end of the first movie XD
Yes, I know his eye markings are a bit wrong. I did it from memory, so sue me XD

But sorry for the quality. My phone isn't the best at taking images larger than A5 (this is A4).

Anyway! I haven't been active on DeviantArt for a little while!
Mostly due to personal problems, but they are on their way to being fixed now.
I should be more active though! I do need to sketch more...

I am also updating my commission info for something a lot simpler.
But news is reserved for Journals, right?

I added a watermark since my signature is only just visible.

Stitch - ©Disney
Art and pose - ©Me

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Null-Entity Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
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As long as you follow the rules the stock is there to be used, go nuts :)
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