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Or on FurGather! (Though I barely use this; its currently a very new website)

Stamp. by Trynnie

When I say that I want a critique (since i am not a premium member) i want a CRITIQUE! Not praise, even though that is nice, or negative comments. Those are not helpful to me!

Thank You... by jennyleigh

I enjoy writing and drawing alike

Day 29 Fan Art, Crunky by LadyDeven

Main Fandoms:
One Piece

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This is an icon of Esprit, my fursona ^.^
Made by KarmaDash
Requested for me by sharky156

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Ask Kirami and Burnell -Open!- by LazuliLupin
Ask Kirami and Burnell -Open!-

I've not exactly been active lately... But here's a little something to make up for it!

I've seen a lot of people do this, and have been wanting to do this for a long time.
So here it is!

Burnell wouldn't do it otherwise.

Now, how this works is you ask one, the other or both a question, then I draw their answer.
You can ask them literally anything, from ridiculously simple to incredibly personal.
Pardon any rudeness, flirting, swearing or other behaviour; that's just them ^_^
This will be posted in other places too.
Here on DA, I will be posting them in bulk, so keep your questions on this deviation please!

Lets get this rolling then!
Got tagged in the question things again (THANKS DEE >:C), but since I already did some tagging and questions, just look at my previous journal XD

Tagged by TheDemonAngelWolf 

1. Favourite character of mine? 

2. What sort of music do you like? Any idea why?
Pretty much anything
Metal, rock, some pop, house, that kinda thing has beats that I like usually, though ^_^

3. Design preferences?
Heh, well, I usually go for natural colours with markings that aren't. Usually.

4. Are there any fandoms you're in?
Ok, now this will be a long list >.>

HOMESTUCK! \(^o^)/
A ton of Anime
Avatar the legend of Aang
If you have any not on this list, as me about it? XD
Really, anything. I just noted down a few of the fandoms here >.>

5. Do you often experiment in your art, or just stick to one style?
Hm, I tend to stick to what I know, but in watching streams and things, I pick up small techniques or see how specific bits are drawn and try it out. I develop myself in that way.

6. What food do you consume and enjoy?
Preferably the edible kind?
No, but I can't really narrow down what I like persay. I can name my dislikes, but yeah.

7. How many developed worlds/universes do you have for your characters?
Three? But two are for novels I'm writing and one for a comic I plan on doing >.>

8. Do you have any interesting or incriminating hobbies!?
Uhhh..... raiding the fridge and not cooking?

9. Wanna rap battle bro?
Bro, bring it.
Though imma wingit.
You get the best of me?
Imma make you history.

10. Are there any weird or strange things you like seeing in characters?
Well, it isn't weird or strange, but rarely seen, but I like seeing people have characters that are non-binary genders or sexualities.
As for actually weird and strange, just about anything!
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Got tagged in this by Over-The-Rift XD
So lets do this! :D


- Tag some people
- Answer the questions I made and not the ones I answered!

1. Do you have a favourite character of mine?

Marius looks pretty cool :D

2. Do you prefer traditional or digital?
Well, it depends really. Sometimes I really want to be able to colour it properly, and sometimes I just like the feel of sketching!

3. Which character of yours is your favourite you've come up with?

Kirami! I absolutely love him! <3

4. Do you like getting a piece done in all one sitting (if possible) or take breaks in between and do something else? 
If I can, I like to finish it in one sitting, but sometimes I tend to get annoyed when a part doesn't want to be drawn rights, so I abandon it for a while to take a break.

5. Most time you have spent on an art piece?
Well, when I take breaks from a piece, it can sometimes last days, so I'm going to discount that...
Perhaps 8 hours? Maybe? I don't really time it...

6. Do you enjoy answering questions?
Yep! :D

7. Last book you read?
The Hobbit.
Need to finish that book, actually... My boyfriend is getting annoyed with me XD

8. Who was your first character?
Hm... That would have to be Melantha. She doesn't have a ref sheet, but she was the first character I made. It was for this silly little wolf pack thing me and two of my friends had going on facebook for a while ^^;
But I later used her name for two other characters :aww:

9. Self taught or trained in some way? (Took classes or something)
For art? Self taught. I mean, I have used a lot of tutorials, but otherwise I've never been to classes or such.
Workshops at like events going on for fun? Well duh, those are fun XD
But no 'professional' ones.

10. Current OTP? 
Kirami and Raven!  Raven is RawrDino458 's char ^_^

Questions to answer!
1. Do you have a favourite character of mine? (becausethis is a good question! :D)
2. Do you feel confident in what you draw, regardless of your ability?
3. What do you prefer to draw?
4. What is the shortest amount of time it took you to do a full piece, not a doodle?
5. Have you ever decorated with your own art?
6. Have you ever wanted to try art that is radically different to what you regularly do?
7. Do you ever try out some of the techniques of other artists?
8. Who is your current favourite artist(s)?
9. Do you regularly draw objects around you?
10. Ever drawn wildlife?

...Idek, I'm terrible at tagging people >.>
  • Mood: Hungry

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